Jam architectures,
is the meeting point of
different sensibilities,
the will of to develop together
accurate & sensitive architectural projects
with the enthusiasm and willingness to reach
these targets.

About us

Based on our continuous training and several experiences, we specialized ourselves in the development of projects for private households, renovations, new constructions as well as in the restorations of built heritage.

Working on existing construction requires for us to adapt it to the specific needs and intentions of our client, always keeping in mind to emphasize on its esthetic & potentials. Each project is managed with the desire to harmoniously integrate the contemporary interventions with what was there before.
If drawing a project requires to involve the client in the process of conception, building anything today engages us to integrate as much as possible energy savings and the use of ecological materials.

Far from searching to put a signature on each of our projects we try to design, from the ingredients we get, our best JAM…

An idea ?

Do not hesitate to contact us for a project of renovation, restoration or new construction !